Bonsai grafting- scion technique

The ability to cut a piece off of a plant and then reattach (graft) it back on to itself or another tree is nothing short of miraculous. Grafting is an invaluable technique in bonsai as it allows the artist to determine the location of each branch on the tree. It also allows the artist to replace the foliage as I talked about in an earlier post on approach grafting.

The success of a graft depends on two things, proper technique and proper aftercare. I’m always trying to understand both of these aspects better and had the opportunity to ask bonsai pro, Ryan Neil about his grafting technique.

3 thoughts on “Bonsai grafting- scion technique

  1. Great information. If you graft in spring, how long must the tree be kept out of sun. And how much out of sun, totally all day or morning sun OK.

  2. Thanks Aarin, The Pines videos was the part of Ryans workshop that I wanted, grafting too. Keep those Capital Bonsai emails coming. See you again in March. Ron Bates

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