Christmas comes early to the Bonsai Museum

Earlier this week a very jolly individual with twinkling eyes and a white beard arrived at the Museum. He had traveled a long distant in a short period of time in order to deliver some very special presents to the Bonsai Museum.


Gary Wood, (seen here) a bonsai teacher from Muscle Shoals, Alabama had driven from Southern California to D.C. in 3 days with two very famous bonsai recently donated by bonsai artist Ernie Kuo.

For many these trees will be recognized immediately, as both have won international accolades . The tree on the right won the 1994 BCI Ben Oki International Design Award and the 1994 Kindai Bonsai Magazine’s reader’s Sakafuten Award. The tree on the left won the Sakafuten Award in 1995. Ernie also wrote an article describing the creation of these two masterpieces in detail.  The article, which last appeared in Bonsai Today’s Masters’ Series on Junipers, is re-posted here with the consent of Stone Lantern Publishing. Two Studies by Ernie Kuo

Ernie Kuo with 284

For more examples of Ernie’s tree see Bonsai Bark’s Gallery.

Sincerer thanks to Ernie for his amazing gift, to Gary Wood for driving them out here, the National Bonsai Foundation for funding the transportation, and Wayne Schoech, Bonsai Bark/Stone Lantern, for permission to re-post Ernie’s article.

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5 thoughts on “Christmas comes early to the Bonsai Museum

  1. Jim told me about these “presents” at Thursday’s BBS annual holiday party. I’m looking forward to seeing them today in person, as I attend Martha’s presentation on black pines at the Arboretum.

  2. Aarin,
    This isn’t actually a design co
    Petition, it’s an actual show in Taiwan. I believe Mr. Sze-Ern Kuos work was included in the booklet in 2004 and 2005 because of his ancestry. Though this is merely a guess on my part. The other bonsai in the exhibition booklet and gallery were actually shown, it seems Mr. Kuos work is the only included that wasnt present.

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