TreeSketch 2.0- Interactive Tree Modeling on the iPad

I’m in the middle of working on several other posts but had to put this out right away. This free app for the iPad allows users to simulate trees using algorithmic variables that  influence the grow characteristics of the tree. You can prune and bend branches, increasing trunk and branch diameter as well as a variety of other factors. Check out this short promo video demonstrating this better than I can describe here.


4 thoughts on “TreeSketch 2.0- Interactive Tree Modeling on the iPad

  1. I have been interested for several yers in the use of L-systems and the use of fractals to “grow” bonsai for several years. This appears to be an IPAD APP employing the same or similar modeling techniques from university researchers and their students in Canada who are indeed employing/developing algorithmic methodologies in “growing trees” with a small set of variable parameters —

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