Video of John Naka Repotting Goshin

The National Bonsai Foundation in collaboration with the U.S. National Arboretum have digitized several VHS tapes taken over the years here are the Museum. It only seems fitting to have the first be of John Naka re-potting his world famous “Goshin” here at the Museum in 1995. It was filmed by the late Dr. Bill Orsinger, a dedicated museum volunteer who had the foresight to capture this event on tape.

2 thoughts on “Video of John Naka Repotting Goshin

  1. Thanks for sharing John & treasured bonsai friends working on Goshin. His placement of nails as an iron supplement is clarified as well as John’s easy wit. At one trimming of Goshin, he instructed Jack Sustic to assure every jinned apex tip would be visible to view from the forest’s front; some are easily masked by foliage.

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