Capital Bonsai on Instagram

ig exampleAfter seeing the benefit of having an Instagram account as a supplement to the TreethePeople Bonsai blog. I’ve created a Capital Bonsai account to post interesting photos that would not garner a full blog post and will help appeases the masses while future post are being written. For the first IG pic I happened to be working on the same bonsai I used in the very first Capital Bonsai blog post.  IG posts will appear on the right hand side of the blog’s main page. Dont forget to follow both the Capital Bonsai blog and the new Capital Bonsai Instagram feed.

Tree the People


Earlier this year I introduced Museum volunteer Danny Coffey. Danny had just embarked on a 3 month trial apprenticeship at the distinguished Aichi-en bonsai nursery in Nagoya.

After a brief  trip back to the states, Danny has returned to Aichi-en to begin his formal apprenticeship.


Before returning to Japan, Danny continued to volunteer at the Museum. Here Danny (left) helps out Curator Jack Sustic and myself tidy up John Naka’s Goshin.


Danny and I conducted public demos at the Museum on May 14th in celebration of World Bonsai Day.

 In the tradition of his senpai, Peter Tea, Danny is sharing his own experiences at Aichi-en on his bonsai periodical Tree the People.  Danny is also be posting photos on Instagram under the account “Tree The People” .  So far he has several informative posts on Trident Maples with a lot a great pictures. Show your support for Danny by subscribing to Tree the People.

TreeSketch 2.0- Interactive Tree Modeling on the iPad

I’m in the middle of working on several other posts but had to put this out right away. This free app for the iPad allows users to simulate trees using algorithmic variables that  influence the grow characteristics of the tree. You can prune and bend branches, increasing trunk and branch diameter as well as a variety of other factors. Check out this short promo video demonstrating this better than I can describe here.